Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So instead of a long entry I'm just going to leave you with things I have learned as well as some funny anecdotes of the past week:

1. When trying to order a cappuccino at a restaurant, the waiter thought my friend had asked to order from the Chino, meaning Chinese. The Chinese waiter came to take our order instead, looking very confused as to why we would only order from him, and my friend will never live that one down...

2. When trying to leave the house this morning I couldn't find my key and spent half an hour looking for it, missing my class in the process. My host-mom and I spent a total of 2 hours looking before I found it in my shoe from last night. I had put it there to make it easier on myself to find it in the morning. I'm not quite sure what this says about me.

3. The park near my house has two exits/entrances that are right next to each other. This means you cannot cut through the park. I tried for a good hour to find an exit on the side near my school and finally asked someone who told me in a rather haughty way that there is, in fact, only one entranceway to the park. I did find safety school though (the system of mini-roads and signs that school children use to learn about traffic).

4. The term for hook up buddy in Spanish is Rollo. The term for friends with benefits in Amigo con derecho a race. I learned these in class. I may be tested on them.

5. Apparently, lettuce saute├ęd in olive oil can be considered a meal.

6. Textbooks at the university are way cheaper than at American universities. So is the food.

7. Chocolate crossiants are not only covered in chocolate, they're full of it too. They are also delicious. Especially when eaten after spending two hours looking for the key to your apartment unsuccessfully.

8. The store around the corner from me sells pasta in the shape of boobs. It also sells birthday cards for children. Hmm...

9. I finally watched High School Musical. It cannot compare to Grease. John Travolta will always be hotter than Zach Effron.

I hope you found this slightly education and humorous and feel free to call, email, or write any time.

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